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Got questions? FAQ here.

Will I get wet? Definitely. Welcome to kayaking!


Is the water cold? Depends who you ask. But for most people, yes the water is relatively “fresh”. Generally mid-summer we have temperatures between 15-18 degrees.


What should I wear? Bring wool thermals, wool socks and shoes that can get wet.


Will a course be cancelled due to bad weather? We will not cancel a course due to bad weather. However, weather and water levels can affect the course programming and/or rivers to be paddled. 


What is your refund policy? If you need to withdraw from a course, please let us know at least 48 hours before the scheduled course. We will refund your whole payment.


How many people do you need in order to run a course?

In order to run any of our pre-designed courses, we need a minimum of 3 participants. However, we also offer private guiding and/or coaching. 


I would like to participate in a Grunnkurs but I cannot come to any of your pre-scheduled dates. Do you offer any alternatives?  Yes. With 2 or more participants, we can organize any course, any time that suits you. 


I’m travelling without a car. Can I be picked up from town?

Yes, definitely. Let us know where you are staying and we can arrange transportation.


I have never paddled in whitewater but I have sea kayaked before, is the Grunnkurs a suitable course for me?  Yes, the Grunnkurs is designed for beginners to whitewater. Every Grunnkurs will cover the basics of whitewater, however, we adapt the course to the participants. We will ensure that you challenge yourself by choice, learn something and most importantly, have FUN!


How can I register for a course or book coaching/guiding?

You can register online for a pre-scheduled course or via email. For any other coaching/guiding, or alternative dates for courses, please contact us.


Where can I find out the water levels in Voss?

Check out the online gage on the Voss Kajakk Klubb webpage at


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Tel: +4746297937


More questions? Contact us!

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