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Dont be swimming instead of paddling, Like Julian here! 

If you are coming to Voss but lack paddling gear? You don't have to miss out. Contact us about our rentals. 

Boats - 300kr /day.  

Paddle - 149kr /day. 

Drysuit - 199kr /day*  

Full rental - 600kr /day

We have a selection of boats at our base, which consisits  mostly of:

Zet: Direct, Raptor, Toro, Five and Cross. 

Exo: T-Rex and Rexy (slicey) 

Dagger: Mamba 8.6 and Nomad 8.6

Liquid Logic: Flying squirrel

We stock mostly Werner paddles in straight shaft with power house blades. 

We have drysuits from Immersion Research, Arch Rival

as well as some drytops from a variety of brands. 

Get in contact to reserve the gear you need. 

Tel: +4746297937


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