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For those with a strong sense of adveture!!


This unique and exhilarating kayaking experience, on one of Voss’ finest rivers, will give you the thrill of what it is like to be in the front seat as an extreme whitewater kayaker!

This experience is suitable those who are looking to immerse themselves in a more adrenaline fueled adventure and experience one of Voss’ most popular extreme sports.

You will be in a tandem whitewater kayak with one of our highly experienced  instructors at the helm. Together you will enjoy floating down through beautiful canyons, and unique sections of stunning grade 3+ whitewater that only the most experienced kayakers get to enjoy.

Our instructor will equip you with the basic skills and paddling techniques required to maneuver the kayak smoothly together. They will explain the many features on the river and how you can use them to help move the kayak around the river in an easier and more efficient manner. You will be briefed on and shown the saftey measures incase the kayak tips upside down. You will learn what to do for the instructor to rewrite the kayak with you in it, as well as what happens in the event of a swim in the river.

We will spend sometime at the start of the trip practicing these techniques to ensure you are both comfortable and confident working together before setting off on this one of a kind journey down river, where you will happily bounce down some fun rapids, small drops and big bouncy wave trains!

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Age Limit: 14+

Experience: No previous experience required

Requirements: All participants must be confident and capable swimmers. Weight limit 90kgs

Time Allowance: 3-4hours

What’s Included:  Instruction, equipment and transport if required

What to bring: Light wool or thermals to wear under the wetsuit/drysuit

What not to bring; All valuables including, wallets cameras, phones, glasses or sunglasses.

Meeting point: Voss Fallskjermklubb, Flyplassvegen  135

Time: Booking on request

Cost: 2500,nok

We will do our best to provide you with some photos from your trip!!

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